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Dell vs. Apple: Choosing the perfect laptop for your business

Our latest IT Soho hardware guide will explore two prominent contenders in the business laptop market: Dell vs. Apple. Both brands have earned their stripes in the tech industry, catering to a diverse range of users with their distinct approaches to design, performance, and user experience.

Choosing between them to find your perfect business laptop or a range of laptops for your team takes a lot of work. In this guide, we'll take you through your options to help you choose something that delivers on ROI.

Man sitting at his laptop. Is it a Dell or Apple Laptop?

Dell laptops for business

With a legacy of delivering high-quality devices, Dell has earned the trust of countless businesses worldwide. Let's explore why.

  1. Reliability, durability, and business-centric features - One of Dell's most vital selling points is the reliability and durability of its laptops. Built with premium materials and rigorous testing processes, Dell laptops are engineered to withstand the demands of a dynamic business. From boardroom presentations to remote workstations, Dell ensures that its devices perform consistently, allowing you to focus on your work without unnecessary disruptions.

  2. Dell's dedicated business support - Dell's business support centre provides a direct line of communication with experienced technicians who understand the intricacies of their products. Additionally, Dell's proactive support features help identify potential issues before they become critical problems, minimising downtime and optimising productivity for your business.

  3. Dell laptop pricing and range of options - From budget-friendly choices to high-performance workstations, Dell provides a diverse selection to accommodate businesses of all sizes. The availability of various configurations allows you to customise a Dell laptop to align with your unique requirements, ensuring you pay for the features and performance that matter most to your team.

  4. Battery life and mobility features - Depending on the model, Dell laptops can offer impressive battery life, ensuring productivity is not hindered by constant charging.

  5. Processor options and performance benchmarks - Dell has access to a wide range of processor options from industry-leading manufacturers like Intel and AMD.

  6. RAM and storage configurations - Dell laptops typically provide ample memory options for multitasking and memory-intensive applications. Additionally, the availability of various storage options, including traditional hard drives and faster solid-state drives (SSDs), caters to different storage needs.

  7. Graphics capabilities - Dell offers various graphics options, including integrated and dedicated GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD. This flexibility allows users to choose a laptop with graphics capabilities if that's what they need.

  8. Importance of balancing functionality and aesthetics - Dell's emphasis on practicality ensures that their laptops are robust, making them reliable workhorses.

Examples of popular Dell business laptop series

To provide a glimpse of Dell's offerings, let's highlight a few of their famous business laptop series:

  • Dell Latitude Series - Known for its reliability, durability, and security features, it caters to business travellers and professionals who require a balance of performance and portability.

  • Dell XPS Series - With premium build quality and cutting-edge technology, the XPS series is a favourite among creative professionals and those seeking top-tier performance.

  • Dell Precision Series - Targeted at engineers, designers, and content creators, the Precision series boasts powerful hardware and graphics capabilities for intensive workloads.

Now, let's look at Apple.

Apple laptops for business

Widely known for its sleek design, seamless integration, and creative ecosystem, Apple laptops have captured the hearts of many professionals across various industries.

  1. Design, innovation, and user experience - MacBook models are elegant and minimalist, reflecting Apple's commitment to crafting visually striking devices. Integrating hardware and software creates an intuitive and user-friendly user experience, enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency.

  2. Apple care and support - AppleCare+ service plans extend warranty coverage, providing technical support, hardware repairs, and accidental damage coverage for added peace of mind. Apple's customer support centres are staffed with experts who can assist with troubleshooting and provide solutions for your business laptop queries.

  3. Enhanced security - With features like the Apple T2 Security Chip, Touch ID, and robust encryption, Apple laptops also provide enhanced data protection and privacy, giving business owners peace of mind when handling sensitive information.

  4. Apple laptop pricing and range of options - Apple is a premium brand with a higher initial price point than some Dell counterparts. However, you have to consider the value proposition that Apple laptops bring. The unique blend of design aesthetics, optimised hardware, and integration with the macOS ecosystem contributes to an overall experience that many business users find invaluable.

  5. Processor options and performance benchmarks - Apple equips its laptops with custom-designed processors based on ARM architecture.

  6. RAM and storage configurations - Apple laptops are known for their seamless integration with macOS and utilise high-speed SSD storage, resulting in faster boot times and snappy application loading. Although the storage options on Apple laptops may seem limited compared to Dell's range, the focus on SSDs ensures efficient performance and quicker access to data.

  7. Graphics capabilities - Apple laptops, equipped with Apple's integrated graphics or dedicated GPUs, cater to creative professionals who work extensively with graphics, video editing, and design software. The integrated graphics on Apple's M1 chip have impressed users with their performance, especially for applications optimised for macOS.

  8. Battery life and mobility features - Apple's transition to ARM-based processors, like the M1 chip, has resulted in remarkable energy efficiency, translating to extended battery life on newer MacBook models.

Examples of popular Apple laptop models

Let's look at a few of their popular laptop models:

  • MacBook Air - Known for its slim profile and lightweight design, it is a portable companion for professionals on the go, offering a blend of performance and mobility.

  • MacBook Pro - Targeted at power users and creative professionals, the MacBook Pro packs cutting-edge hardware, a stunning Retina display, and ample storage options.

Calculating return on investment (ROI)

Okay, this is where you'll need to sit down and think through which department and stakeholders need specific functionality. Investing in Apple Macbooks for the creative teams and Dells for your sales and accounting teams might look great on paper. However, does that make file sharing easy? So, when considering functionality, you must also consider workflows and ease of system access.

Then, of course, there is budget. How you budget for IT expansion or improvement is a deciding factor in spending capabilities. That is further defined by how frequently, after purchase, you'll need to replace each unit.

In our experience, there's always a balancing act, but one model or set of models will likely stand out through careful consideration.

Do you need help to choose Dell or Apple laptops for your business? IT Soho is here to help!

At IT Soho, we understand the significance of selecting the right business laptop for your organisation. As your trusted IT service provider, we are here to guide you through the process, providing expert insights and personalised recommendations to meet your specific business needs.



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