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How using 2 monitors can make you 42% more productive

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

When we see someone working a two-monitor setup we often think that they have a specialist job. Something that requires looking at lots of data.

When an employee asks for a second monitor we often apply that same rule - are their tasks specialist enough to warrant the extra spend?

In this blog post, we will look at how a two-monitor setup might benefit your business by making you 42% more productive regardless of role, task and even department.

multiple pc screens on view

What’s changed in our workspaces

The way we work has changed massively over the last 10 years. Cloud computing and hybrid working have become the norm and gone are hours of sitting at a desk in the office, with immediate access to hard copies of paperwork. Instead, we are working on the go and looking for faster answers to client queries.

Here at IT Soho we recommend Microsoft Office as a cloud computing option because it allows for great team collaboration and communication, as well as secure storage for all of your in-house documents. Meaning you and your team can work anywhere, any time and get the job done.

The problem for you is - having space to view all the files you need to efficiently do your job ‘in the moment’.

Let’s look at Sally who is a sales rep. Sally gets a call from Bill, a long-standing client. Bill hasn’t received his latest delivery and needs to order for next month on the same call. To service Bill effectively Sally needs to open a Teams channel with Viv from logistics to see where the last delivery has gone. At the same time, she needs to submit a fresh order using the order database. Now, this might be a 3 or 4-screen process, but the back and forth adds minutes to Sally’s time.

According to a study by SaaS app Slack, 68% of business owners say they spend at least 30 minutes a day just toggling between workplace apps. Now let’s look at Sally again, with 30 minutes extra in her day she could have taken 1 or 2 more calls. Possible 1-2 more sales.

What the experts say about a two-screen setup and productivity increases

Jon Peddie Research looked at the benefits of using two screens connected to a desktop computer or laptop over a period of ten years. They found that employees were, on average, 42% more productive annually with a two-screen setup.

In an NYTimes report, Lorie Marrero, an organisational expert suggests that the productivity increase of a two-monitor setup is based on improved visual access to key data points. She says that by using two monitors employees are likely to improve

  • Vigilance in checking important information

  • Accuracy in comparison tasks

  • Faithful data compilation

Let’s dive into that more.

5 reasons why two monitors are better than one

We are going to use Sally as a continued example here, but imagine her as any one of your employees and work through the productivity improvements you could gain across the board.

1. You can do more in less time

We know that Sally wastes time toggling between apps and files as she works. A two-monitor setup could allow her to have multiple apps running at once, giving her accurate and timely information and communication points as she serves each customer.

2. You can see more visual data at once

More visual information on the accounts Sally works on throughout the day can help her not only serve and troubleshoot for clients, but also creatively scan for future obstacles and opportunities.

Let’s say she can see a supplier delay on the rose-scented candles Bill has ordered for Mother’s day. As she takes his phone order she can relay this to Bill, giving him options for alternatives. Meaning fewer out-of-stock situations during the delivery phase, which means Bill has full shelves for the holiday.

3. You can multitask more accurately

Imagine Bill asks Sally about the carton size for a new product on your wholesale catalogue. Sally knows Bill is asking this because he has limited storage space in his boutique. With a second screen, Sally could have Bill on hold while she checks carton size and messages Viv for pack dimensions. This gives Bill the information he needs in minutes, plus an opportunity to plan his store room. Bill is able to make quicker decisions as a result, because he has more information through great customer service.

4. You can make more informed decisions quickly

Now Bill probably has a good idea of what he wants to order this month, but having access to the key data from his account history and access to wholesale stocks, Sally can check in on how sales for previous items went. Sally can also offer Bill an opportunity to stock new items that might suit his customer.

Sally’s ability to access more information is not only more creative for her salesmanship but great for customer relationship building.

5. The ROI on a second monitor is potentially massive!

A basic monitor for your PC could cost you anywhere from £100 to £200 pounds. Second monitors for laptops are usually around £150-£250.

If Sally is 40% more productive in her job annually and brings in just 5% more sales as a result, the ROI is likely to outstrip the cost of that second monitor. This means the gain for your business across all sales employees alone could potentially be massive.

Consider what improved productivity could do across the board in your business. How does moving teh needle affect your bottom line? This is where you're likely to find your ROI.

Need help purchasing and installing the best two-monitor setup for you and your business?

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