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Unravelling the role of an IT Support company for small businesses

It's hard when you are starting out - to do what you do well and on a budget. We get that. But there comes a point where your small business will benefit from an expert IT support company partnership.

In this IT Soho guide, we'll be talking you through the role of IT support in your small business - A chance to show you where the benefit outstrips the potential problems you'll face without one.

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Why every small business needs the right IT support company

From establishing an online presence to managing sensitive customer data, the digital space presents opportunities and pitfalls for small business owners. However, it can be a whirlwind to keep up with it all! That is where choosing the proper IT support is critical (here's our guide on how to do that).

And here's the thing. You shouldn't need to keep up with all the latest cybersecurity and software updates news - you should be able to outsource those services to a trusted partner. Your IT support company should be there to fix issues when they arise while proactively managing your systems, software and hardware for scale.

The right IT support company provides you with;

  • cost savings

  • access to expertise when you need it

  • increased productivity

  • improved uptime

  • scalability

  • proactive support

  • enhanced security

  • access to the latest technology

  • flexible support options

  • and the space to focus on your core activities.

The essential services you should be getting from your IT support company

Whether you are looking for a new IT support company or reviewing your existing one, here are a few things you need to consider.

1. Network security

Network security isn't just about preventing external breaches; it's about fortifying your business. That involves setting up robust access controls, monitoring suspicious activities, and staying one step ahead of potential threats.

2. Data backup and recovery

From accidental deletions to more sinister ransomware attacks, the threats to your business data are real, and the consequences can be dire. Your IT support company must implement robust data backup and recovery strategies, creating digital duplicates of your business's data. You must ensure your data can be resurrected safely or restored to a near-perfect condition.

3. Software and hardware procurement and setup

Software and hardware are a critical part of how you keep your business efficient and productive. IT support services that help you procure and set up options are extremely helpful and sometimes much more cost-effective. They should be able to advise on questions like "Should I be using Teams or Slack?" or "Which laptops should I invest in for my team?".

4. Advice on in-house policy

Whether you need advice on your incident response plan or network access policy, your service provider should have enough experience to guide you through the tech portions of your documentation. They should also be able to tell you exactly where their services can support workflows or training in response to planned or unplanned scenarios.

5. Scalability

As you expand your offerings, clientele, and digital footprint, your IT infrastructure must keep pace without skipping a beat. From scalable cloud solutions to adaptable software frameworks, good IT support ensures your tech foundation grows seamlessly, eliminating the growing pains.

6. Less jargon, more help

Empowering users involves demystifying the technology that fuels your daily operations. Excellent IT support teams provide training, resources, and a patient ear for tech-related queries. By imparting knowledge and creating a culture where users feel confident with technology, your IT support becomes the catalyst for a more tech-savvy and efficient workforce.

7. Value for money

Cost efficiency in IT support is not about cutting corners but the strategic allocation of resources. It's about choosing the right tech tools that provide maximum bang for your buck. Excellent IT support companies guide small businesses in making tech choices that align with their budgetary constraints while considering scale.

8. Personalised support

Personalised support means more than just fixing technical glitches; it's about understanding the unique nuances of your business. Excellent IT support teams take the time to comprehend your specific challenges, aspirations, and even quirks. They become the trusted companions who intimately know your digital terrain, ensuring the solutions are practical and tailored to fit like a bespoke suit.

What could go wrong if you don't hire IT support?

Without trying to be overly negative, there comes a point where a lack of IT support becomes problematic. The basics of this are always down to security and data managment compliance. Depending on your industry or the volume of data you store, being more secure and compliant can cause you a headache.

More than that, it is your ability to scale at a pace that allows your staff to remain efficient and productive. Small businesses can grow incredibly quickly but still need budgetary restraint - unlike their corporate counterparts, who have a healthier cash flow. So it is vital that you understand when and where the benefits outstrip the money saved.

Where an IT Support company fits into your small businesses

You should have a seamless workflow synergy with your IT support company. By that, we mean their support should be almost unseen yet felt in every aspect of what you do - whether it's the right BYOD for Mike to convert more sales leads on the road or helping Janet manage logistics across two warehouses.

More importantly, their presence should be felt when you need them - whether that's leaping into action when Dave accidentally opens a SPAM email or helping Sue stop the printer's red light from flashing.

They should be proactive, too, helping you plan for your business in the coming weeks, months and years.

We pride ourselves on these things at IT Soho - helping you do business better. So, if you need help and work in the central London area, contact Eric today to learn more about our IT support services.



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