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How many devices can you have on M365 Business Standard?

Recently, we've been answering lots of questions about M365. In today's post, we want to answer the question, "How many devices can you have on M365 Business Standard?"

Let's find out, shall we?

Six people sitting on chairs in a row against a wall. Each are engrossed in using a device: laptop, mobile, or ipad.

So, how many devices can you have on M365 Business Standard?

According to Microsoft, you can "Use one license to cover fully installed Microsoft 365 apps on five mobile devices, five tablets, and five PCs or Macs per user."

Now remember you can have up to 300 user licenses under the Business Standard plan, so you must have a firm handle on user administration, device managment and cyber security.

In-app device management considerations in your business

Microsoft 365 offers a range of valuable tools to help keep your small business systems secure and compliant. One of the benefits of using M365 is its centralised control. This means you can manage all your devices from a single location, making tracking what's happening across your network easier. 

In addition to centralised control, the M365 subscription also provides a range of security measures to protect your devices and data. These include security protocols for devices connected to Microsoft 365 and data protection measures to minimise security risks.

Business device management considerations

Of course, there's more you need to consider. How your SME handles device management out-of-app also counts.

Here are the policies we recommend you have in place:

Why managing and reporting on your device allocations is crucial

Managing device allocations is an essential aspect of your technical operations. You must ensure compliance and follow specific guidelines to maintain device allocations within acceptable limits. By doing this, you'll prevent issues related to exceeding device limits, which can cause system crashes, data breaches, licence issues and other security concerns.

It also means you know when and how to upgrade when the time comes. Having a centralised reporting mechanism will help you proactively budget for increased IT needs.

The Microsoft 365 Business Standard dashboard can help you do this to a degree, so it's wise to see what other reporting methods you need and set those up with your IT team.

M365 Business Standard - ready to implement the software?

We hope to have given you enough insight to devise use and management with the Microsoft 365 Business Standard package to help you make your purchase decision. What's next is to get started with an implementation and roll-out plan.

Our team of experts is always here to assist you in optimising your IT strategy, and as Microsoft partners, we can help you choose the right plans and licencing. We can also roll it out! Contact us today to get started.


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